A painted floor is one of the fastest and not so expensive ways to bring new life to your home. However, before taking on a floor painting project, you need to ensure that the surface you wish to paint can indeed be painted.


Let’s have a look at floor surfaces that can be painted.

  • Wood: Much as wood has its naturally beautiful color, there are those that might wish to color their wood. Wood can be easily painted and gives little or no trouble during the process.
  • Brick: In case you are tired of looking at old brick at your home then you might want to paint it. Great care is however needed to properly paint the porous surface on most brick.
  • Concrete: Concrete easily takes to paint thus making it a wonderful surface to embark on a painting project. You can add different patterns and colors to the concrete in order to come up with a style that works best for you.
  • Tiles: It is possible to successfully paint builder-grade tiles and get off with a brand new beautiful look!
  • Linoleum or Vinyl: You should seriously consider painting your linoleum or vinyl floor especially if it looks utterly ugly!


  • If you want to go for an airy room that reflects natural light then you should go for white paint on your floors. Go for high-gloss paint if you wish to have floors that give off a really bright look.
  • Go for a solid neutral look in the paint you choose if you wish to create a contemporary looking space.
  • Go for vibrant colors in case you are painting a child’s bedroom. As a tip, ensure that the walls are white so that the vibrant colors really pop!
  • In case you already have furniture with warm wood tones then you should consider going for a nice pine green color on your floors. This will help maintain the natural feel to the room or space.
  • Black as a color on the floor, complete with a few reflective surfaces here and there will definitely give the room a chic feel.
  • You can add patterns to your floor painting project if you so wish. There are so many patterns to choose from, from the classic black and white checkers to the gorgeous geometric patterns and a lot more in between.
  • Go for a deep ocean blue with a dash of blue and white to give off an illusion of drops of sand by the ocean.


Different people paint for different reasons. Below, we shall have a look at reasons why you should paint your floors.

  • It is relatively easy and inexpensive to do. All you need is your paint of chose and a weekend of dedicated painting.
  • You get to hide any present flaws or imperfections in the floor.
  • You get to add a fresh new look to your home.