Accent walls are a great way of playing around with color to add a touch of excitement to your room. Adding just one bold color to one wall helps you add a dash of drama to your room. Unfortunately, many a time knowing that you want to add color to one wall and actually picking the right color and the right wall to paint may not be so easy for a number of people which is where the tips below come in handy.


Besides finding the right paint to use, you need to find the right wall to paint. There are a number of variables to consider before actually selecting the wall to paint.

In case you wish to paint the wall warm hues such as reds, yellows and oranges then you need to pick a wall that is the farthest from the room simply because such warm colors tend to give the feel of the wall being closer than it actually is.

If you are considering cool hues such as the purples, blues or greens then you need to go for the wall that you want to look longer. Ideally, you should paint a side wall or an end wall with such colors as they have the opposite effect to the warm cues mentioned above.
Go for a wall that doesn’t have too much going for it in terms of too much artwork, furniture or moldings as this takes away from the actual effect of the paint color.

Last but not least, you need to go for the wall that holds the most interest. It could be the wall with a fireplace or one with a gorgeous armoire- in other words a wall that simply begs for attention!

Once you are done choosing the wall next you need to come up with the most appropriate color.


You can pick a good looking color or favorite color from furniture or decoration in the room. It could be taken from a piece of furniture, rug or artwork.

Consider the room you intend to paint. For example, go for restful colors in your bedroom since it is a place of rest. Preferably, the bedroom should be painted in soft, cool and neutral colors.

Pay close attention to the room’s lighting. In case you are using fluorescent lights then the paint you use will cast a sharp blue tone while natural daylight tends to show off the true color of the paint. Incandescent light on the other hand tends to bring our warm tones and yellows.

When you are done choosing color, you need to look at the paint finish. Which paint finish works best for you? Satin or semi-gloss finish goes well with an informal space while an eggshell or elegant matte finish goes well with formal areas. On the other hand in case your home comes with some imperfections on the wall then you will need to go with an eggshell or low-sheen satin finish.