If you live or work in the Oakville area, contact Visions Painting & Stucco as we are skilled and experienced in both applying and repairing stucco, External Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS), and Dryvit to any home or business.

After being around for centuries as a standard method of applying finishing plaster to exterior walls, stucco has grown largely in popularity over the past two decades. Leaving a professional, contemporary look to the exterior of your home or office building, stucco application has many features and benefits, including being energy-efficient.

Professional stucco can last on the exterior of any building can last between 50 and 80 years when properly applied. Exterior walls are protected by the worst of the natural elements including damaging winds, hail and rain, that would normally result in rot or damage to other exterior coatings when stucco is properly applied.

Giving you many options of stucco designs and finishes, Visions Painting & Stucco is a licensed and experienced stucco contractor, who is skilled in the application and exterior painting of the stucco, following through on the colour and finishing design you choose. With many colours to choose from, applying the right paint to your exterior stucco can help it seal in the moisture and remain waterproof for many years, keeping the professional, clean look intact.

In addition to stucco application, we are skilled in providing stucco repair, to ensure that you achieve the look you were thinking of after the first time stucco was applied to your business or home’s exterior walls. We are dedicated to giving you updates throughout every step of the project, ensuring that you are nothing less than completely satisfied with our work. Regardless of whether you are interested in synthetic stucco such as Dryvit or EIFS, or traditional stucco, we have the experience and skill ro give you the look you desire.

If you live or work in Oakville and are interested in having a reliable and professional contractor to apply stucco to your exterior walls, contact us today for an estimate. We are looking forward to hearing from and working with you.