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Visions Painting & Stucco specializes in residential and commercial exterior stucco and painting services in Oakville and the surrounding area. With over 20 years of experience, we know home décor.

To help bring life to your interior, Visions Painting & Stucco is the painting contractor for you.

Exterior Painting & Waterproofing

Painting and waterproofing a home or business exterior is more than just putting some paint on the outside surfaces. Before paint can be applied, all areas that are being painted have to be cleaned of any contaminants. We notify the customer of any surfaces that are deteriorated or rotten. Only then, we apply primer to any areas that are being painted.

If water intrusion is an issue in any area, it will be filled with the appropriate fillers or caulked. We will then apply the first finish coat, and all areas will be inspected to see if any additional fillers or caulking needs to be done. Next, we will apply the second finish coat. After all of the surfaces are painted, the surrounding areas will be inspected to ensure there are no splatter and spills. All of our exterior painting and waterproofing products come with warranties.

Wood Rot or Deteriorated Stucco

Many times with exterior painting, deteriorated stucco or wood rot is found after a project has started. Appropriate fillers can patch soft or rotted wood after it has been cut out in some instances.

Often, stucco will crack, deteriorate, and fall apart, and at Visions Painting & Stucco, we can repair those areas with expertise and professionalism.

Whether your house is in need of exterior stucco repair, stucco repair inside your home, or removing stucco ceilings, Visions Painting & Stucco can help you out and get your home looking refreshed and new again. We specialize in residential and commercial services for Oakville and the surrounding area.

Restoring many textures and surfaces is something we are quite experienced at Visions Painting & Stucco. In terms of replacing significant wood rot, we may not be licensed carpenters, but we have excellent business relations with carpenters and building contractors who are fully capable of repairing the areas with massive wood rot.

Drywall Repair

Call Visions Painting & Stucco to repair any drywall flaw. Whether the sheetrock is wet from a hole in the wall or water damage, we will make the ceiling or wall match the surrounding areas.

Drywall Texture Repair

Suppose you have water stains on your walls or ceiling, falling popcorn ceilings, or another type of texture that needs repairing. In that case, Visions Painting & Stucco can be the contractor to make those textured surfaces once again look amazing.

Wood Stains, Varnishes and Polyurethanes

Call us to discuss your options if you have any wood surface that is aged and needs to look new again. We can tell you exactly how we can bring that wood back to life and look fabulous once more.

  • Drywall repair or installation
  • Painting And Decorating
  • Wallpaper removal, repair, and installation
  • Ceiling and wall repair
  • Latex and oil painting
  • Hardwood repair, restoration, and refinishing
  • Wallcovering application (paneling, wallboards)
  • Plaster wall repair and resurfacing
  • Textured Ceilings or walls (Knockdown, Orange Peel & Popcorn)
  • Additional surface-related construction
  • Darling Paint Exterior Services
  • Power-wash painting preparation
  • Latex and oil painting
  • Wood and trim repair, restoration, and refinishing
  • Cedar shake repair, replacement, staining, and painting
  • Residential window glass replacement glazing & caulking
  • Deck staining and sealing
  • Additional surface-related construction
  • Security Doors/Bars
  • Brick & Stone
  • Stucco & Concrete
  • Wood, Composite & Vinyl Siding
  • Wood & Vinyl Shutters
  • Architectural Woodwork
  • Doors & Windows
  • Garage Doors & Entry Doors
  • Fascia & Eaves
  • Decks, Railings
  • Wrought Iron Fences, Railings
  • Perimeter Walls
  • Cedar shake staining and painting
  • Solid & Semi-Transparent Stains
  • Siding
  • Thresholds
  • Hardwood Floors
  • Deck staining and sealing
  • Refinishing
  • Complete Stripping
  • Doors & Windows
  • Garage Doors & Entry Doors
  • Fascia & Eaves
  • Wood Shutters
  • Custom Stains & Antique Finishes
  • Architectural Woodwork

Oakville Paint & Stucco Company

Visions Painting & Stucco services the Oakville, ON area.  We pride ourselves on high quality, wonderful workmanship and the best customer service!. Our services and care for property has been extended to a number of households in different parts of Canada. We strive to ensure that you as our customers are always happy by providing you with quality services. We are able to accomplish this because we are professional house painters.

It doesn’t matter if the job is too big or too small; we are well equipped in terms of resources and experiences to get it done right! We warmly welcome your SMALL PAINTING JOBS and we will be in position to get it done well.

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