It’s finally spring and that means it’s a good time to consider having some painting done to your house. However, before you do, think about what color you want your home and rooms to be. Many people don’t realize that the color of a room can have a sizable impact on a person’s mood. Here are a few of the most popular paint colours and how they can affect your mood, based on recent studies:

A Rainbow of Options

Red: Red is known for evoking energy. It creates strong impressions and is sometimes believed to increase blood pressure. It is considered a good color for entryways and living rooms.

Orange: Painting a room orange is good if you want to feel energized. It is also often associated with improved appetite, making it an excellent color for kitchens.

Blue: Blue is considered to be a very relaxing and serene colour. It is good for decorating bedrooms and bathrooms due to its (relaxing) another word properties. Blue is also often popular as a color for offices, as some think it can improve productivity.

Green: The colour green is believed to be very peaceful. Rooms painted in green are good for reducing stress. In homes, it is most often used for living and family rooms. In businesses, it is used most frequently in waiting rooms. “Green rooms” are that way because they help people keep patient while they wait.

White and Grey: These are neutral colours making them useful tools in decorating any space. In many cases these are commonly chosen for ceilings, as it gives them an impression of being higher than they are, opening the room. Stucco is also often a neutral color.

Adding Accents

The colour of a room is not the only factor to consider. Adding accent furniture can also tie the room together. When changing the color of a room, why not consider refinishing the furnishings? Wooden cabinets and stairwells can be restored to their original conditions, or recolored to match the rest of the room. There is a wealth of colors and decorating options for your home and workplace. Find the one that works for you.