Why you should revamp your kitchen cabinets and how it can be done

Why you should revamp your kitchen cabinets and how it can be done

When you think about giving your kitchen a brand new look, the cabinets normally beg for your attention. A fresh coat of paint thrown on your kitchen cabinet can make your kitchen look brand new and give it more style! Whether you chose bold colors or warm colors, your cabinets stand to gain from the paint and you stand to gain from the fresh new look whenever you enter the kitchen!

No more do you need to get rid of a perfectly operational cabinet just because you wish to have a new look when you can easily apply a coat of paint. You can take your kitchen from old and traditional to modern and sleek or to a country feel simply by the way you choose to play around with the paint colors. For example, you can paint the cabinet doors and leave the framework stained. You can go for a high gloss finish or a semi-gloss one-the choice is yours!

Kitchen makeover ideas you should try

  • You can contrast colors on your cabinets. Apply light colors on bits of the cabinet and dark colors to other parts.
  • Get rid of old appliances and replace them with new modern, sleek and functional ones.
  • Give your kitchen a lighter look by going for open shelves. Pay attention to the shelf brackets that you choose as they give off different auras.
  • If you have a small kitchen, choose colors carefully so that you don’t overwhelm the small space. Ideally you should go for lighter colors to create an illusion of space and throw in hints of dark colors if you so wish.
  • You can never go wrong with framed artwork in your kitchen
  • In case your kitchen has gray countertops and walls then you should consider adding a dash of beige to bring a soothing feel to your kitchen.
  • In case the outside of your cabinets are perfect for you and you only have a problem with the inside then you might consider painting the inside shelves with a color of your choice-ideally a bright color to add some flavor to your kitchen.
  • If you are going for color-blocked cabinets then you need to select one hue for the top of the cabinets and another hue for the bottom ones. As you select colors however, ensure that they complement each other so that colors are not all over the place!
  • Consider the cabinet material before actually buying the paint. Melamine and laminate do not take well to paint like wood or metal do.

Ultimately, whether you choose a high gloss finish or a semi-gloss finish; warm colors or bold ones the kitchen remains a part of your home and should reflect your personal preferences since it will be you sending time in there. Pay close attention however to the furniture, appliances or decorations that you have or may wish to add to the kitchen so that it doesn’t look overwhelmed.